Q: What is an Internet Exchange Point?

A: An Internet Exchange is a high capacity data traffic switching equipment that allow networks which are connected to it to exchange traffic between one-another. The equipment is commonly known as Layer-2 ethernet switch. It operates at extremely high speed, and is able to exchange traffic at the rate of Terabit per seconds.

Q: Who is JBIX?

A: Johor Bahru Internet Exchange is one of the IX in Malaysia. It is located in Johor Bahru and 2km away from Singapore.

Q: Why should I connect to JBIX

A: 1. Improve network performance. 2. Lower cost of interconnection. 3. Higher network efficiency

Q: What do you mean by JBIX being “Open”

A: JBIX does not restrict any service provider nor enterprise to peer nor do we force any network to peer. There is no licensing requirement, nor is there any requirement to join membership. As long as you have an ASN number and there is there is a network which is willing to peer with you in JBIX, you are welcomed to connect. Our aim is simple: to improve the regional Internet connectivity.

Q: Why do we need JBIX since there is already an existing IX offering in Malaysia?

A: Johor Bahru is an important terrestrial fibre gateway between mainland Asean and Singapore. Traditionally all traffic have to be exchanged either in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, with JBIX, the traffic can now be exchanged in JB. This serves to improve the Internet performance regionally and help all network providers to reduce cost substantially. The nearest IXP offering is 45KM away and is too far to serve the needs in JB.

Q: Do I get discount if I applied more than one connection?

A: Please contact JBIX sales team for further information.

Q: Who shall I contact for co-location in JBIX?

A: Kind contact Open DC for more information for colocation and other Data Center service.