JBIX membership is open for networks to participate. Membership is free for those participant who are qualified.

JBIX Peering Service Charges

Port Interface Type OTC (RM) MRC (RM)
1GE SMF-SR / XR 1000 1200
10GE SMF-SR / LR / ER 2000 4000
SMR-ZR 3000

* Inclusive of JBIX Cross connect Charges

Complimentary rate applicable up to end of August 2019.

JBIX-Connect (Remote Peering) Charges

Site Bandwidth MRC (RM)
CJ1, Cyberjaya 1Gbps 3000
10Gbps 25000
AIMS, Kuala Lumpur 1Gbps 3000
10Gbps 25000

* Exclusive of JBIX Cross connect Charges

JBIX Cross Connect Charges

Interface Type Service OTC (RM) MRC (RM)
SMF Cross Connect 500 300