Private Peering

Private peering over JBIX shared platform allows two networks to connect over a dedicated virtual LAN across the switching fabric. Using Private Peering, both networks can exchange traffic over a dedicated private channel, separated from the peers which are visible in the Public Peering.

The networks may also wish to Private-Peer through direct port connection within the Open DC datacentre where JBIX is located. In this case, they may commission a fiber or copper cross connect (directly with Open DC) within the datacentre to interconnect their network equipment and subsequently bring up the BGP peering between them. JBIX does not involve in Private Peering over dedicated port between two networks.


  • Private peering over the JBIX allows a network to peer over a dedicated virtual link
  • Using one physical port, network provider can initiate multiple private peering with its peers, hence drastically reduce cost and increase efficiency
  • Managed VLAN connectivity solution with 24/7 support