Public Peering

When your network is connected into the JBIX switching fabric, the service that is immediately available to you is the Public Peering. The Public Peering allows you to peer with all the networks (ISP, Content Providers, Carriers, Universities) connected to the shared fabric using a dedicated IP address assigned to your network by JBIX. You do not need to have a separate physical connectivity to each of the peers. The IX switching fabric will bridge your network to all the networks connected in the same switching fabric as soon as you have enabled BGP peering with them. Through Public Peering, your cost per peer is drastically lowered and managing multiple peers are much more simplified

Route Server and Multi-lateral Peering

If you are newly-joint and have not established peering contact with other network peers, you may take advantage of the JBIX Route Server to learn the routes or prefixes which are available to you without initiating direct peering with each of the peers (Multi-lateral Peering). Please take note that learning routes/prefixes via the Route Server is only a temporary solution, for optimal routing performance, you are still encouraged to initiate a formal request of peering to the network contact which you wish to peer with and subsequently setup a bilateral peering with them.


  • Port speed: 1GE, 10GE and 100GE. Port trunking is supported on 1GE and 10GE interface only
  • IPv4 and native IPv6
  • Live monitoring of traffic through portal
  • Traffic performance analysis on IP and AS level
  • Unlimited access to JBIX route servers
  • Live Quality of Service reporting
  • Monthly volume reports online
  • Management portal for easy administration of service order, contacts and billing