Remote Peering

For networks which currently do not have presence in Johor Bahru or do not wish to collocate equipment in Open DC, they may consider the option of Remote Peering. With remote peering, the network operators can connect to JBIX’s remote peering nodes located in popular locations to access to JBIX. The Remote Peering nodes have layer 2 connectivity (JBIX-Connect service) back to JBIX switching fabric which the network operator need to subscribe in order to connect to JBIX.

Typically, the network operator who wish to connect to JBIX via JBIX remote peering will have to cover the following cost:

  1. JBIX Port charge
  2. JBIX-Connect layer 2 service charge (commensurate with the subscribed bandwidth)

JBIX Remote Peering node is currently located at these locations:

  1. CJ1 Datacenter, Cyberjaya
  2. AIMS Datacenter
  3. Equinix SG1 Datacenter


  • Network Operator can immediately commence peering without building a physical presence in JBIX
  • Multiple choices of layer 2 service provider to choose from at the remote peering location
  • Flexibility (short cancellation terms)
  • No extra hardware costs
  • No hassle with importing IT equipment
  • One contact, one bill